A laparoscopic device to be eliminated from the women surgery


It’s about a laparascopic full functionally tool which is useful in many cases. Unfortunately, it is not suitable when the cancer is undetected yet but it is present. The balance between the risk versus the benefit is uncertain and it is to consider that the risk is threatening life. The FDA found that 1 in 350 women who undergo surgery with the devices may have a type of cancer that the procedure can spread beyond the uterus. Uterine cancers called sarcomas can masquerade as benign fibroids and can’t be reliably detected before surgery.  “Due to this continued uncertainty, Ethicon believes that a market withdrawal of Ethicon morcellation devices is the appropriate course of action at this time until further medical guidelines are established and/or new technologies are developed to mitigate the risk”, Matthew Johnson said. Some hospitals, including  Halifax Health Center for Female Pelvic Medicine in Daytona Beach are still offering power morcellation with detailed and informed consent of the patients even the risk is too high. The FDA has estimated the tool was being used in 50,000 hysterectomies a year.


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