Working blood test predicting Alzheimer is a new hope


In this case, early detection can help and it’s even the most important fact giving hope of amelioration if the treatment will be immediately applied. This result obtained by the British researchers at King’s College London and Proteome Sciences is considered a major advance for the medical science. New drugs will be also tested. “We want to be able to identify people to enter clinical trials earlier than they currently do and that’s really what we’ve been aiming at,” lead researcher Professor Simon Lovestone, University of Oxford, told to the media. The actual study included more than 1,000 people. The results must be replicated studying more patients, possibly during several years, before the tests will be appreciated as suitable for routine clinical use. However, more researchers will begin to be preoccupied in the same direction and their individual results will contribute to solve many aspects at the same time.
Actually the disease is diagnosed with a variety of physical, neurological, and cognitive tests. This will be simplified soon.


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