The pig heart could be used in the future for transplant in humans


More, it was proved they pose less of a disease risk. Scientists were able already to add a gene that produces a human anti-clotting agent to help counter immune system reactions that can be triggered by blood clots forming around foreign tissue. It is possible that pigs become a chance to save life, in the future, for the people in need. A question issued parallel to developments in science it’s about the ethics, in this case. Breeding the flesh of an animal to replace life-giving organs will undeniably change what these creatures are to us,
some people think. Commercially, a such development of the medicine is susceptible to produce an unexpected demand for animal products. Probably transplantable pig hearts will sell for a good deal. This technique – using animal tissues in humans – is called Xenotransplantation and dates back to at least 1682, when Dutch surgeon Job Janszoon van Meekeren repaired a Russian soldier’s skull with a fragment of bone from a dog. At that time, the church authorities ordered the removal of the graft but this was not possible because it had healed too well.


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