Unhappy woman has about 100 unwanted daily orgasms


The potential causes of PGAD remain unknown but doctors think PGAD affects thousands of women who don’t speak about their strange disorder. Majority of them first experienced it during early menopause. Kim Ramsey climaxes around a 100 times a day. Her unwanted orgasms can be triggered by a gesture as innocent as a pat on the back and. Because of this, riding in cars or trains, as an example, is an embarrassing and painful affair. Her life became a living hell. Doctors suspect that in her case the syndrome was generated by development in her body of a a Tarlov cyst on her spine, at the point at which a woman’s orgasm originates, following an accident in 2011, when she fell down a flight of stairs. This rare medical disorder doesn’t have a specific remedy but in some known cases experimental treatments like shock therapy, physical therapy, and/or anti-anxiety drugs such as duloxetine produced results. No one was found for the moment a cure for Ramsey and she continues to be unhappy because of her orgasms.


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