A real treatment for Ebola can be found


The count of all the cases since its discovery being below 10,000 in 40 years, this wasn’t a real interest and a  target for the big drug makers. At the same time, however, Ebola is among a group of deadly diseases easy to spread, included on the list of bioterrorism agents of the US Centers Disease Control and Prevention.
Ebola can cause sudden fever and intense weakness. Vomiting, diarrhea and various internal and external bleedings are the next major step. The fatality rate is as much as 90 percent. Actually, a special drug cocktail was tested on monkeys and produced good results if given soon after the exposure to the virus. Two thirds of the animals survived when treated even at 48 hours after the exposure. Some cancer drugs were found to be active against Ebola in laboratory experiments. A vaccine provided by the Pennsylvania based company Inovia Pharmaceuticals Inc. had good results on guinea pigs. An experimental treatment called “favipiravir” is developed by a unit of ’s Fujifilm Holdings Corp. and was reported as a real success in February.
Human trial of drugs began in January, this year, with backing from the U.S. Defense Department.


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