A blood test for Alzheimer’s early diagnosis is prepared


“This is a potential game-changer” said the senior author of the report, Dr. Howard Federoff, a neurologist at Georgetown University. This test is expected to predict Alzheimer before the patient will have symptoms. In its internal mechanism, the test will correlate the death of brain cells with the decreasing oh the lipid levels in the blood. Such a situation was considered presenting importance and being a differentiating factor after examining the blood of dozens of patients with Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment.
The researchers team will perform tests in people in their 40s and 50s. At the same time of early diagnosis, experimental drugs and treatments could be administrated in the hope to help if the early diagnosed people will want to do it. ”I think it’s a very personal decision”, Federoff said. At this time Alzheimer’s disease has no cure or effective long-term treatment and there’s no guarantee that something will slow the progression of the illness. But knowing the risk to have it can be at least an argument to do some lifestyle changes. Much work to achieve the study is still needed and it would take years to make the test general available in the doctor’s offices.


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