The future of the flu vaccination could be a patch


This vector device was tested by 91 people who applied each themselves three such patches on their arms. They concluded that the procedure is less painful than the sensation produced by a needle penetrating the arm. But the most important fact about this possible new way to administrate the flu vaccine is about the possibility to give this important protective medication to more people, knowing that at this time only a half of the population with vaccination achieve to do it effectively. Even children could receive the vaccine by patch and as it was imagined the patch can be sent by mail. The patch could be stored at the room temperature, unlike flu shots. The volunteers participating in the test, without using for now the real vaccine, answered to some related questions. 76 percent of them declared they will prefer the patch vaccination when it will be available.
Early next year, the method will be completed applying to humans a real vaccine. If the results will be satisfactory, this product will simplify soon the flu vaccination, first in the US.


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