Cure for melanoma announces breakthrough in skin cancer treatment


The news of this skin cancer treatment is welcomed world-wide, especially amongst melanoma patients that find out about their condition too late who usually die within months of getting their diagnosis. According to a professor from Institut Gustave Roussy in France: "(Advanced) melanoma could become a curable disease for perhaps more than 50 per cent of patients within five to 10 years."

According to the same professor, Alexander Eggermont, the reason why most attempts to find the drugs that can cure cancer have failed so far is because all past approaches focused on the wrong thing. Researchers and scientists should have concentrated on breaking the tumors’ defenses rather than focusing on activating cancer-fighting T-cells.

The current cure works as follows:
1. Our body's immune system identifies and then attacks cancer cells
2. But our natural immune system has an internal brake that stops the attack of these cancer cells
3. The drug comes in and helps by temporarily disrupting this internal brake
4. Thus the immune systems attack on cells is boosted


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