How a dedicated mother helps her son affected by a rare medical syndrome


People with Smith-Magenis syndrome manifest frequently temper tantrums and outbursts, aggression, anxiety and attention difficulties. They can have repetitive self-hugging, reduced sensibility to pain and temperature, myopia and even heart and kidney defects.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for this medical syndrome but if people around the affected person are informed things go better for both parties. Louis; mother decided to help him by giving others, in his proximity, the needed information in appropriate ways. She participated with her son on TV country wide fundraiser Jeans for Genes charity and invited Louis’ teachers to a conference on Smith-Magenis syndrome. The family’s effort produced results, some things changed in better for Louis' life. People are more sensitive and try to understand his situation now. As an example, because he has problems sleeping at night, some school program modifications were made and he has permission to take an hour nap at school. Lisa Mushrow is convinced that his son can have a future based on the education support.


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