The universal vaccine for influenza will be produced in a few years


Professor Ajit Lalvani and his team turned their research into a new direction targeting not the specific proteins but the nucleus of the influenza virus. They determined that there is an inhibitory action of the T-cells of the immune system against the virus nucleus. In fact, the research demonstrated that the illness symptoms were less aggressive if a person had a higher level of  the T-cells. This will be now the direction for the preparation of the new vaccine. The vaccine could be obtained in about five years from now. It is not supposed to completely eradicate influenza but to substantially reduce the pandemic aspect, thus contributing to save lives. At this time, every year , between 250,000 and 500,000 people from vulnerable categories are killed by the influenza complications. “Now that we know these T-cells may protect, we can design a vaccine to prevent people getting symptoms and transmitting infection to others” said Prof. Lalvani. Scientists are ready to go.


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