A warning was issued regarding the use of e-cigarettes


What was unbelievable is that the content of formaldehyde was at the same levels as in the conventional cigarettes. For this study a new testing technique was used.
Even though for now a real warning was not yet issued, some officials take into consideration the discovered risks. As it is known at this moment, New York City Major Michael Bloomberg is working on a legislation to place restrictions on e-cigarettes. The US Food and Drug Administration takes into consideration the adopting of new regulations for e-cigarettes. It should be possible to ban the online sales and to limit the advertising.
The profit of the e-cigarette industry is expected to reach $10 billion in a few years, and can even surpas the traditional cigarette sales in the future.
The public’s belief that e-cigarettes are healthier is strong and it’s based on a large list of supposed advantages.
The electronic cigarette legislation is currently pending in many countries. Sometimes, they are even considered as being medicinal products.


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