Another American kid infected with Naegleria Fowleri amoeba


This amoebic infection may cause death because it is brain eating and now the only hope for him to to recover is in an experimental anti amoeba drug that was previously administrated to the Arkansas girl with the same medical problem.

As it was previously specified in a health warning issued this year, the higher water temperature the more favorable ground for amoeba is. There is only a single way to be sure someone doesn’t contract this severe illness: to stay away from swimming in fresh water in the summer days. A second prevention method (not sure to have the same effect) is to use nose plugs to keep the water out.

Saving the patient’s life in amoeba infections is a very high medical performance. Zachary Reyna remains in Miami Chidren’s Hospital. His parents pray for a miracle. Only three people are known to have survived out of the 31 infected with Naegleria Fowleri in the past 50 years. A Facebook page named “pray4number4” has been set up to help with donations.



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