A stomach bug is affecting people in many American states


The pathological agent is a small protozoa or a parasite. It was named “Cypress 4” and can produce severe diarrhea, cramping, bloating, fatigue and even weight loss. There is even a resemblance with

some flu-like symptoms. Affected people can be cured only by antibiotics. However, at this time ten people had aggravated symptoms and were hospitalized.

Based on the actual information, this Cyclospora infection, most often found in tropical or subtropical countries, appears when food is consumed. But for the exact source is not known.
Several cases of infection were diagnosed in Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Georgia, Connecticut and New Jersey.
Fortunately, the infection is not transmitted from person to person. Possibly, fruit and vegetables are the transmission path and it is strongly recommended to always watch them before consuming.


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