Stroke is a danger in the summer days


A recent study of Dr. Jeffrey Sover, director of  UCLA’s Comprehensive Stroke Center showed that strokes are generally a treatable disease but time for intervention is very important: practically, for every minute without treatment other two million neurons from the brain are lost. There will be 70% of survivors of stroke.

For doctors, but first for people around a stroke victim the only words defining this urgency are: “act quickly.” The deadline for optimal stroke treatment is 3 to 4.5 hours after the attack.

The stroke symptoms are any of the following (or all of them together): weakness and / or numbness in the face, arm or leg on one side of the body; inability to understand spoken language; inability to speak and write; double vision; vertigo and / or gait imbalance; unusually severe headache. The severity of stroke symptoms varies but even they go away calling 911 is necessary as the transport to the hospital. Strokes affecting small areas of the brain are in the most cases without symptoms.
What people should know is that stroke can affect children too.

Prevention is good and this is about a healthy lifestyle based on the correct diet and daily exercise. Quitting smoking is a must. Having a dog and walking daily together is a good way to preserve your health and even stroke.


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