HIV Vaccine Halted After Trials Fail to Work


The study had enrolled an estimated 2,500 participants from 19 cities. Most of the participants are said to have been men as well as a few transgender people. Half the number was given the experimental vaccine which was developed by the National Institute of Health while the other half received placebo shots.

On review which had been scheduled for the 22nd of April, most participants in the group who received the actual vaccine were found to have been infected with HIV. The total number of the people infected with HIV from the study is said to be 41 from those who received the actual vaccine and 30 from those who received the placebo.

The virus failed to prevent HIV infection and was also noted to have failed to reduce the ‘viral load’ of individuals who were infected with the virus. The (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases issued a statement yesterday saying that they were completely halting the study.


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