You can get big benefits from even a single minute of intense exercise, scientists discovered

Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, who had conducted many of earlier studies of interval training, decided recently to mount probably the most scientifically rigorous comparison to date of super-short and more-standard workouts. The study, published in PLOS One, has a very surprising conclusion:

“If you are an elite athlete, then obviously incorporating both endurance and interval training into an overall program maximizes performance. But if you are someone who just wants to boost health and fitness and you don’t have 45 minutes or an hour to work out, our data show that you can get big benefits from even a single minute of intense exercise.” “The number-one-cited reason why people don’t exercise is lack of time,” lead study author Martin Gibala already told to the media. Researchers at McMaster University have been studying high-intensity interval training for roughly a decade. To be on the safe side with a short time intense exercise it is recommended to  start with some easy cardio and then to increase your intensity and duration gradually before attempting to condense your workout down to a few minutes. Because “if you’re devoting the smallest amount of time possible to exercise, then yes, you have to work out really, really hard.”