Maria Kang, the Fit Mom, was temporarily banned from Facebook


Maria Kang got her name and notoriety ever since she posted a controversial photo of herself in bikini with her three little kids and the tagline: "What's your excuse?". The woman is upset to see that media is offering so much attention to the lingerie group that wants to "normalize" obesity. Kang said "People made me feel bad about posting a picture of me and my children". She received intense criticism after posting the photo in question and this also contributed to the added frustration.

The deleted Facebook post that caused the temporary ban read “We need to change this strange mentality we are breeding in the U.S.". Kang was immediately flagged by a user and soon after Facebook removed the post which was seen as "hate speech" and banned Kang. Kang's account was reinstated after further clarifications. The Fit Mom wrote another post on her social account clarifying that she did not want to shame overweight women but only wanted to fight promoting unhealthy habits.


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