Expectant mothers should do regular exercise according to a Psychology and Health report


Researchers were able to complete the study after previously inactive expectant mothers were sent to participate on an exercise program that lasted four weeks. After the exercise program was over the majority of them, who were previously prone to bouts of fatigue, showed reduced levels of fatigue and great improvements in their general mood.

Leading researchers from the University of Western Ontario, Harry Prapavessis and Anca Gaston, suggested that pregnant women should be encouraged whenever it is possible to do regular exercise in order to improve their physical and psychological well-being.

In various other studies fatigue during pregnancy was associated with disturbed sleep, increased risk of Caesarean delivery and with a negative impact on the mental and physical health. Not only does regular exercise help avoid the above mentioned aspects but it also helps reduce the risk of having a child with impaired cognition skills or one who later develops mental disorders.


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