P90x workout routine sent a man to the emergency room


While P90X workout has been endorsed by many, including by Republican vice president nominee Paul Ryan and singer Pink, and is currently used by thousands of individuals world-wide there are still several experts that warn us not to jump into P90X or in other similar intense workout routines.

Lombardi, who declares he always been in a great condition, explains he didn’t wander into the program without knowing what he is up to. He turned to P90X in order to lose 20 pounds he put on. He did day one of the exercise routine and the very next day he found himself experiencing muscle pain. The next day he tried to continue with the workout but eventually ended up in bed. In day 3 he rushed to the ER after seeing his urine had a strange color and kind of looked like Coca Cola.

The man suffered the breakdown of muscle fiber. This meant the contents of muscle fiber was released directly into his bloodstream. Of course this then nearly caused kidney failure. Lombardi is on his way to recovery. His conclusion regarding the entire ordeal was: “You can’t put your muscles through a strenuous workout without leading up to it, and you need to recognize when you’re body is telling you that there is something wrong”


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