Subway Under Scrutiny For Foreign Objects In Sandwiches


The concerned mother rushed her daughter Aubrey to the emergency room, but luckily the cuts the 3 year old sustained in her mouth did not require stitching. She is, however, still susceptible to infections which might occur if she ingested any of the shards of glass.

In an email statement to The Huffington Post, Subway said that food safety and the well-being of their customers is of paramount importance to the SUBWAY restaurants. They further stated that they were aware of the incident regarding foreign objects found in a sandwich and that they had contacted the proper parties and launched an investigation on the issue. They also said that they contacted the customer.

Subway also recently faced scrutiny when a customer claimed that his Footlong sub was actually just 11 inches in length. The company responded saying that the name of the product does not directly equate to length measurements.


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