Consumer Reports Discover 69% Pork Products having hazardous bacteria


The consumer report is based on meat samples from 148 pork chops & 50 ground pork chops. The sample meats are brought in from a number of major store brands from 6 U.S. cities. Of the tested pork sample, 69 percent had yersinia enterocolitica which is a fairly rarely occurring bacterium capable of causing illnesses in approximately 100000 Americans every year. Infection is most likely to occur among children.

In spite of the presence of the aforementioned bacteria, Scott Hurd, an associate professor at Iowa State University has said that not much can read from the study. The reason for him being liberal is the fact that just because meat contains yersinia enterocolitica bacterium does not signify eating it will make people ill. The professor further added that, to be affected one needs to consume in large quantity.  Moreover, the partial sample size makes it difficult to come to a particular conclusion.


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