Talented musician Jesse Jones committed suicide after taking Roaccutane


Jones’ email is addressed to his mother and father. It describes how he believes the wonder drug cure for acne Roaccutane has changed his life for the worst. The email begins “Dear Mum and Dad, Roaccutane seems to have changed the way my mind and body works in a big way. I can barely bring myself to type its name because I hate it so much.”

Jesse Jones suffered a lot during his last days on Earth. He had both mental and physical symptoms. Patsy Jones and Derek Jones, the boy’s parents, are now featured in a new documentary. They say they will do ‘everything they can to get the drug banned’ in UK. This was not the first case of suicide related to the use of Roaccutane. Out of 500000 people taking the drug in a year, nine commit suicide. Roche, the company that manufacturers Roaccutane denies any link between the suicides and their drug.



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