Teen dies. Diablo III has another victim


Diablo 3 was on the mouth of everyone since Blizzard kept us waiting for years while people spread a lot of rumors about the upcoming game.

Blizzard’s role playing game Diablo III claimed its first real-world victim: 32 year old Russel Shirley in May 2012. Russel Shirley had a heart attack after a continuous online game play session  that lasted 3 days. He was later found dead that weekend by his coworker that was getting worried for his colleague’s absence from work. Death after playing video games is unfortunatelly becoming a phenomenon.

Now Diablo III took another soul. Chuang, a 18 year old teen from Taiwan died after playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight without taking any pause for sleep or food. He booked a place at an internet cafe where he played the game from 13 July until 15 July. After an internet cafe employee found him sleeping he was asked to go home. Chuang immediately collapsed after getting up. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital but there was nothing more the medics could do and he was shortly pronounced dead.



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