New study reveals smoking is even deadlier than before thought


Researchers also showed that that smoking could increase the risk of breast cancer.

New research shows that doctors were wrong with their estimates on the deadly toll of tobacco. The new conclusion is that roughly around 67 percent smokers die from their habit. In the U.S. alone one in five deaths are tied to smoking. In an effort to fight the number one preventable cause of death and disease money is invested in programs that prevent and reduce tobacco use. But all this isn’t enough. It is well known that the tobacco industry has sponsored medical research in the past in order to undermine existing evidence about the health effects of smoking. This is why when a new study comes and claims the figures we all knew were not accurate it’s most likely true.

Smoking ten cigarettes per day could double the smoker’s risk of death while a pack quadruples the numbers. The same research shows that in order to have a better your chance of avoiding all illnesses associated with smoking it really matters how early you put your cigarettes out permanently. Emily Banks, the study’s co-author declared the following upon releasing the findings of this new study: “We knew smoking was bad, but we now have direct, independent evidence that confirms the disturbing findings that have been emerging internationally,”


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