Twenty year old rugby player dies from SADS


Paramedics arrived within 10 minutes but the man didn’t have a pulse any more. He was taken to the Fairfield General Hospital where after a post-mortem examination it was concluded that Lloyd Walsh died out of natural causes. Lloyd had a heart attack although he had no major problems with any of his organs, with his respiratory system or with his arteries as also concluded during the examination. Doctors concluded that the man died from the sudden death syndrome.

His family and friends described the man as having a healthy life-style: “He never smoked, he never really drank alcohol, and he never touched drugs or anything like that. He looked after himself.” Medics warn us that the adult sudden death syndrome, SADS or Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome as it is nowadays called, is a killer that can strike at any time. Reports suggest that it can be caused mostly by a disturbance in the heart’s rhythm (“ventricular arrhythmia”). It affects also people who are athletic and fit and it generally strikes young people (most often during the time they sleep). In most cases there are no warning signs before a sudden death but in some cases the victims accuse fainting spells or dizziness.


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