One of Britain’s most obese men died at the age of 22


Paramedics arrived at his house soon after the suspected heart attack but unfortunately their attempt to resuscitate Johnston was without success.

Liam Johnston was pronounced dead at the scene. In order to remove his body from the house two fire officers teams were called as the paramedics couldn’t get the dead man out through the main door. Once the fire crews arrived at the scene they removed the door’s fence panels and then they even cut a part of it to be able to remove the body.

Paramedics measured the weight of the dead body as part of several post mortem examination procedures. Liam Johnston weighed 419kg, this making him one of Britain’s most obese men.

This case just goes to show the scary effects of obesity in Britain. Nowadays a record number of people are diagnosed as overweight. To blame are only our eating habits and styles of living. Experts estimate that obesity would end up costing the economy £50billion a year by 2050 and within this time-frame it would also affect at least half of all adults in Britain.


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