Dangerous mosquitoes are expected to invade more than half of the U.S. territory


For the instant, the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes made to feel their presence in New Jersey and they bite in daytime.
A little encouraging statement was made by the chief inspector with the mosquito control division of the Bergen County Public Works Department. He said “they are here to stay”, because these mosquito species seems to have a great power of adaptation to geographical conditions, climate and temperature.

The Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is native to the tropical areas of Southeast Asia but they expanded on the world with the help of international transports of goods. According to the Global Invasive Species Database, Aedes alopictus is one of the 100 world’s worst invasive. These mosquito species can even replace other mosquitoes from the territories they conquer.
These dangerous mosquitoes produced the Chikungunya epidemic fever on the French Island La Reunion (more than 250,000 people were infected by September 2006).



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