Arizona man discovers constantly runny nose condition was leaking brain fluid


While at first the condition was not that bad he just thought the clear liquid dribbling out of his nose was due to a runny nose. However, over time it got worse.

His nose was constantly running and it soon began creating embarrassing problems. Nagy explained that sometimes fluid out of his nose dripped out so fast that he couldn’t even get a tissue on time.

It was then obvious that he was experiencing more than a bad case of allergies. After Nagy went to a medic for checkup he was horrified to find out that the runny nose was due to a hole that appeared in the membrane surrounding his brain. While the condition could be fixed with surgery Joe Nagy had even more bad news. He developed meningitis and his brain fluid got infected.

This dangerous situation soon disappeared as the man recovered from the infection and he was then able to have the procedure that patched up the hole through which his brain fluid was leaking.


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