Health Concerns Raised Over ‘Cinnamon Challenge’


In 2011 the challenge is said to have been attempted by 51 people and the number rose to 222 last year. Last year, about 30 teens are said to have required medical attention in relation to attempting the cinnamon challenge. The spice is described as caustic causing throat irritation, collapsed lungs, choking and breathing trouble when gulped down. Unfortunately, the challenge was further popularized by athletes JaVale McGee and Nick Young as well as Illinois government Pat Quinn taking part in it.

An alert was posted on the (AAPCC) American Association of Poison Control Center’s website. The alert stated that people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions were much more prone to troubled breathing resulting from attempting the challenge. Following an increase in the number of teens hospitalized due to such related cases; several schools in Michigan sent advisories to parents warning about the dangers their children faced if they attempted the challenge. The AAPCC has also recommended that parents should speak to their teens and explain to them the risks that come with attempting to gulp down cinnamon and caution them against it.


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