New study claims that wearing kilts improves sperm quality


The PhD and Senior researcher of societal and ethical consequences of serious illness from the Erasmus Medical Center located in Rotterdam wrote the following conclusion to his study: “Based on literature on scrotal temperature, spermatogenesis and fertility … men who regularly wear a kilt during the years in which they wish to procreate will, as a group, have significantly better rates of sperm quality and higher fertility”

Data from past researches was used as a base for the study. While it was already known that heat is bad for sperm production Kompanje found out some other benefits of wearing kilts besides temperature regulation which is the key to fertility. The study was done on a group of men and concluded that “wearing a kilt for a certain period of time improves sperm quantity and quality.”

The study denotes that women are more attracted to men in kilts but that of course was not proved. Even if this was true a man won’t be able to confidently wear a kilt in public so easy especially if he didn’t do it before.



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