Ohio Woman Sues Clinic For Failed Abortion


Ariel Knights, who is suing the abortion clinic, was told by her doctor that she suffered from uterine didelphys. The medical condition results in the victim having a double uterus with individual cervices and in the case of a pregnancy the unstable uterus causes a threat to the life of the mother because it cannot effectively sustain the fetus.

A week after undergoing the procedure Knights found out that she was still pregnant and she was referred  to a second abortion clinic. The second clinic would not perform the procedure on her, unwilling to assume ‘somebody else’s mistake.’

The clinic in northeast Ohio denied the allegation during a court filing.  Knights sued the clinic for medical malpractice citing that the doctors were negligent for failing to perform an abortion on her successfully. The Akron Women’s Medical Group, the respondent, acknowledged that Knights sought a termination from their clinic last year in March but they seek a dismissal of the case citing several possible defenses. Kinights says she considers her daughter a miracle and wouldn’t want to think of what would have happened had the termination been successful.


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