7000 Tulsa Dental Patients Warned Of Possible Hepatitis and HIV Exposure


The Oklahoma State Department and Tulsa Health Department are jointly conducting the ongoing investigations. W. Scott Harrington, whose dental practice is at the center of the scrutiny, stopped practicing voluntarily when investigations started. The State Board of Dentistry said that the health department had found Harrington’s practice to have numerous safety laws and health violations.

Harrington’s patients from as far back as 2007 will receive notifications by letter alerting them to be tested for hepatitis B and C as well as HIV. The health department explained that these medical conditions are serious and those infected may not show any outward symptoms for years. They added that they are warning the patients as a precaution so that they may take the necessary steps to safeguard their health. However, they also noted that transmission in the dental “occupational setting is rare.”

The health department will offer free testing to those concerned beginning Saturday and on Monday. The health department has also set up a hotline to enable those concerned to seek questions regarding the matter.


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