EU Officials meet to Discuss Scandal on Horse Meat


Simon said that whatever steps the EU deems necessary will be taken in order to ensure the matter is effectively addressed. The officials on Monday said they are going to take all the necessary measures to ensure that suspicious products do not remain up for sale. They also said customers affected by will be inventoried. They said they will be looking at who the clients are and see the products that need to be taken off the market as long as there is reasonable suspicion.

This comes amidst the realization there are products which are supposed to of 100% meat sold in places such as France, UL and Sweden but which apparently contain horse meat. At least 16 of the EU nations could be involved in the supply and the officials said that after the investigations, they will establish whether this is as a result of negligence or . Stephane Le Foll the Agriculture minister said regulators should not be blamed simply because is involved.


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