Living in London is comparable with being exposed at nuclear disaster, researchers say

Living in a polluted city such as London is comparable with living in a contaminated area in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, British researchers affirm. Philip Thomas, professor of risk management at the University of Bristol, told the media air pollution in London has reached critical levels over the past year.

The capital breached its legal limits for toxic air set by the European Union for the whole of the year just five days into 2017. Pollutant PM2.5 is understood to have the greatest impact on human health with links to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Children exposed to the particle are likely to grow up with reduced lung function and asthma. The average Londoner loses 4.5 months life expectancy just by living in the UK capital.

Pollution in London

By comparison based on a computer simulation of a nuclear meltdown, in a such case up to 900 people with the greatest risk would have lost 3 months’ life expectancy. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ if you happen to get caught up in a nuclear disaster. scientists suggested at the same time. It seems to be good news, but without doubt no one, including the researchers, don’t want to prove it with the own life.The study was published in a special edition of Process Safety and Environmental Protection, a journal of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.