Florida is being invaded by 8-foot-long cat-eating lizards

The Komodo dragon, a cousin of the the Nile monitor lizard, is currently giving a hard time to Florida wildlife officers who are currently trying to get a handle on the situation. Until now alerts were issued in regards to the African rock pythons and the Burmese pythons which authorities feared they could wipe out opossums, raccoons, foxes, deer, bobcats and rabbits of the Everglades.

But this cousin of the monitor lizard is just as menacing. These lizards don't normally attack humans unless provoked but they present a threat to the local creatures as they don't have any natural enemy. According to some experts the Komodo dragon is known to even eat cats. Many conservation biologists consider this lizard to be among one of the worst invasive reptiles out there.

The Komodo dragon is believed to be spreading through the state since 1990 and currently it is believed that thousands are loose. The problem has only recently begun to appear in Palm Beach County though. Experts believe that some of these creatures arrived in different environments with the help of humans who usually take such an exotic animal as a pet and when they get bored they leave it in an area in which they think it will fit in. Experts warn us that this is a dangerous behaviour and that animals without natural predators are likely to wreak havoc on the surrounding ecosystem while potentially unbalancing it.