European Union introduces new recycling targets

By the year 2030 all EU countries will have to recycle eighty percent of their packaging waste and seventy percent of their urban waste according to the new targets presented for consideration on Wednesday. The justification behind these new targets is that the European Union wants to cut the amount of trash its 500 million citizens produce.

European Union's environment commissioner had the following to say: "If we want to compete we have to get the most out of our resources, and that means recycling them back into productive use, not burying them in landfill as waste.... We have already made strong progress towards increasing recycling and reducing land-filling over the last decade,"

Two years ago only 27 percent of the urban waste was recycled. according to statistics data from Eurostat, European Union's statistics agency. EU has however a step-by-step plan in order to make room for improvements. By the year 2025 it is expected that EU will impose a ban on burring recyclable waste such as plastic and paper instead of recycling it. EU's current 10 year strategy is currently under review and if everything goes out as expected then greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by a fifth.