Surgeons reattached the arm of a teenager who had it severed

A 17-year-old teenager nearly lost his arm in a strange pasta-making machine accident. This was avoided though thanks to a large surgical team of surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital who put his arm back together. Brett Bouchard, the teenager who almost lost his arm, related how he cut his arm just below the elbow

 after he got it stuck in a commercial pasta making machine as he was working at a New York Italian restaurant.

Brett detailed what he did after that: "After that I went upstairs and put a tourniquet on it and went to the hospital," From the local hospital he was airlifted to Boston. There, he was took in by a surgical team at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Although now Brett has his arm attached he still can't feel or move his fingers. He is scheduled for a couple more surgeries that will help him get back this ability.

The operation has been done before but it's not a common one. The plan is to get a sacrificeable part of muscle from his groin and connect the nerve up. Since the boy is young he has a fair chance to re-grow his nerves very well. "It's given me a new outlook on life," the teenager said. "It's making me appreciate things a lot more, and I never knew how much people cared."