Study claims women with fat bottoms make smarter babies

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh concludes that fat supplies found in a woman's buttocks and tights are directly related to how smart their baby could be as there appears to be a direct link between these and a baby's brain development during breastfeeding.

California drought spurs conservation innovation

The recent draught issues in California are causing many people to begin looking for ways to avoid wasting water. Given that water is used to bathe, move waste, cook and a whole host of other applications, it is very important make sure that enough water exists to meet the needs of a given population.

European Union introduces new recycling targets

By the year 2030 all EU countries will have to recycle eighty percent of their packaging waste and seventy percent of their urban waste according to the new targets presented for consideration on Wednesday. The justification behind these new targets is that the European Union wants to cut the amount of trash its 500 million citizens produce.

Surgeons reattached the arm of a teenager who had it severed

A 17-year-old teenager nearly lost his arm in a strange pasta-making machine accident. This was avoided though thanks to a large surgical team of surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital who put his arm back together. Brett Bouchard, the teenager who almost lost his arm, related how he cut his arm just below the elbow