Broken pipeline spewed oil for hours along California coast line

A broken on shore 24-inch pipeline spewed oil down a storm drain and into the ocean for several hours along a stretch of California coastline, Tuesday, before it was shut off. About 21,000 gallons of oil spill in Ocean was the initial estimated. The slick stretched four miles and 50 yards into the water. Boats from the nonprofit collective Clean Seas also were providing help.

First child to die by euthanasia in Belgium

A 17-year-old critically ill child has become the first to die by euthanasia since the county adopted the new rules in 2014. Belgium has become the only country in the world where children of any age are able to choose to have the fatal injection because of it's decision to adopt the new rules two years.

Florida is being invaded by 8-foot-long cat-eating lizards

The Komodo dragon, a cousin of the the Nile monitor lizard, is currently giving a hard time to Florida wildlife officers who are currently trying to get a handle on the situation. Until now alerts were issued in regards to the African rock pythons and the Burmese pythons which authorities feared they could wipe out opossums, raccoons, foxes, deer, bobcats and rabbits of the Everglades.