Surgeons reattached the arm of a teenager who had it severed

A 17-year-old teenager nearly lost his arm in a strange pasta-making machine accident. This was avoided though thanks to a large surgical team of surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital who put his arm back together. Brett Bouchard, the teenager who almost lost his arm, related how he cut his arm just below the elbow

Twenty year old rugby player dies from SADS

Details about the sudden death of young Lloyd Walsh, a fit 20-year-old rugby player surfaced after close to 1.5 years. It was revealed that he died within minutes after experiencing a sharp headache. At the time, he was in a car with a friend who quickly called for help when he saw Lloyd become unresponsive and was also beginning to look "a bit funny".

Study reveals the best way to get children into good oral health habits

One of most recent flossing studies narrowed its focus to the best way to get children into flossing. The reviewers who participated in the study concluded that kids who had their teeth flossed five days per week have a 40% decreased risk of getting cavities. Furthermore a top 5 of the means to get children to floss was created.