The singer Scott Walker has died aged 76


He was 76. He was an influential artist. Ohio-born, Walker began his career as a session bass player and changed his name from Noel Scott Engel when he joined the Walker Brothers. At that time he also relocated to London. The Walker Brothers were hugely popular in Britain competing with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Two months after they landed in the UK, the Walker Brothers were in the British charts. By September, they were at No 1. As a solo artist,later, Walker released a number of well-received albums and joined the Walker Brothers for a final album together in the 1980s. The singer also composed several scores for cinema, most recently for the 2018 Natalie Portman film Vox Lux.

Scott Walker in 2018

In 2017, the BBC staged a tribute to Walker’s music at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Marc Almond of Soft Cell called Walker an “absolute musical genius, existential and intellectual and a star right from the days of the Walker Brothers.”


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