La Lambada singer Loalwa Braz Vieira was found “completely burned” in her car


The song, with its catchy beat and sensual lyrics, continues to inspire musicians today. British group The Spice Girls mentioned the Lambada by name in their 1998 single Spice Up Your Life. “It’s been quite inspirational for us,” said band member Grace Chatto. “It’s got that mix of euphoria but also melancholy and beauty that we try to recreate.” Singer and songwriter Loalwa Braz Vieira was fluent in four languages, having recorded songs in her native Portuguese, as well as in Spanish, French and English. She was born in Rio de Janeiro to a family of musicians: her father was an orchestra leader and her mother, a popular and classical pianist. Loalwa appeared in the major show business venues: Paradis Latin, Méridien (Paris), Olympia (88 and 92), TLP Dejazet, New Morning, Zenith, Madison Square Garden, London Palladium, Waldorf Astoria. Lambada became a worldwide hit with 25 million records sold.


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