Two members of Tower of Power group were hit by a train


They walked across tracks before a performance in their hometown of Oakland. It wasn’t clear why the men were on the tracks. Garibaldi has been with the group since 1970. Van Wageningen is substituting as bass player. The Tower of Power, a band of about a dozen members has been beloved members of the R&B and pop communities since forming in Oakland in 1968. During activity have recorded behind many far more famous names including Elton John, Otis Redding, Aerosmith and Santana.

The most well-known vocalist was Lenny Williams, who fronted the band between early 1973 and late 1974, the period of their greatest commercial success. heir highest-charting songs include “You’re Still a Young Man”, “So Very Hard to Go”, “Soul With a Capital S”, “Soul Vaccination”, “What Is Hip?”, and “Don’t Change Horses (in the Middle of a Stream).”Tower of Power still tours extensively today, although there have been many changes in personnel over the years.


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