Russian diplomat put a rapper in a coma for wearing a swastika outfit on stage


Amraa, the lead singer of band Khar Sarnia (Black Rose), wore a red deel. The Mongolian robe showed indeed a swastika, but this is a traditional Mongolian symbol. Police and the singer’s lawyer claim that the attack happened soon after the performance. Video footage showing the moment after the attack on the Mongolian singer was made available and is already viral on social media websites.

According to his father Sevjidiin Sukhbaatar, the rapper was in a coma for around 10 days after the assault. Sevjidiin commented on the assault: “My son was hit in the face several times with a metal object and was seriously injured. His brain was seriously hurt.. The suspect must be investigated according to Mongolian law, no matter his status or immunity as a diplomat’. He showed to the press that he was wearing a similar deel to the one his son wore during the performance. He continued by displaying a book of traditional swastika patterns.


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