Singer Luke Bryan made show in Tennessee with a broken clavicle


Bryan skipped the sling, simply keeping his right arm noticeably immobilized, with his hand tucked in the pocket of his jeans. He was singing before more than 16,000 people at Maple Lane Farms Thursday in Tennessee. “Hey, I can shake it with one arm! I can still shake it!” he said singing for his fans. Prior to the accident, Bryan  was forced to cancel his Wednesday concert in South Carolina, the first show of this year’s Farm Tour, because of Hurricane Matthew. But the artist said “enough”; she wanted to do his duty on the scene.

Luke Bryan is a popular artist. Slant magazine’s Jonathan Kefee described Bryan’s voice as “a pleasant, if slightly nasal, baritone. He has won many American music prizes. During his career, Bryan has supported numerous charities and causes foe AIDS and HIV, Cancer, Children Disaster Relief, Health, and Human Rights.


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