Tom Cruise’s daughter to get a $400000 allowance


Because the couple had a prenup when they got married Katie was entitled to nothing. The divorce was finalized this Monday and this is exactly what she got: nothing. Well, almost nothing. agreed to pay $400000/year in child support plus additional expenses such as education, insurance and medical treatments.

Other celebrities such as rapper Nas or Charlie Sheen also have to pay for child support a six figure anual sum. has agreed to pay a total of $4.8 million: $400000/year until his daughter turns 18. People all around the world are sad to see the couple formerly known as TomKat split apart. and Katie Holmes decided that their daughter Suri will not attend a boarding school. This discredited internet rumors that Suri could have been shipped off to a school of Scientology.

The ex-pair settled the divorce quickly. They didn’t go to trial. Katie Holmes got child support but no spousal support. Although Tom Cruise tries to put the recent divorce behind him he remains focused on his family. He was seen in London this Thursday in an apparent surprise visit to his son Connor Cruise with his nieces and nephews.


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