Spotify changed users privacy policy and many left the service


“Depending on the type of device that you use to interact with the Service and your settings, we may also collect information about your location based on, for example, your phone’s GPS location or other forms of locating mobile devices (e.g., Bluetooth). We may also collect sensor data (e.g., data about the speed of your movements, such as whether you are running, walking, or in transit),” they said between others. Massive reaction against this privacy invasion occurred from many people, including Marcus Persson, the Swedish-born inventor of the Minecraft game. He tweeted to his 2.4m followers that he has cancelled his account. Spotify wants users to accept the new policy or to not more use the service. Spotify has now has 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers in 58 countries. Some high-profile Spotify users say they have left the music service.


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