Pink Floyd’s album to be released


Their music has delighted generations. Known for high standards in sound quality and as  pioneers of live music performance, introducing a large circular screen as a staple of their shows , Pink Floyd also composed several film scores (The Committee, More, Zabriskie Point and more). Pink Floyd has released 14 studio albums, won a Grammy award and produced celebrated singles, including hits such as “Another Brick in the Wall” and “Wish You Were Here.” In 2006, Gilmour was interviewed for an article printed in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He declared that Pink Floyd had dissolved. When asked about their future, Gilmour explained that the band was finished making music, and that at the age of 60 he preferred to work on his own. Some of them died (Barrett died in 2006 and Wright in 2008). On July 5, 2014, multiple individuals including Gilmour’s spouse announced that a new studio album based around recordings made in 1994, said to be the “swan song” of Wright and titled The Endless River was scheduled for release in October of that year.


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