Rapper Tyler played sold-out show after jail


The 23 year old rapper who was arrested at Tyler Gregory Okonma was released only after he secured a $25,000 bond and after he agreed to play a sold-out show in Dallas at the House of Blues.

The rapper’s spokes person and publicist didn’t want to comment the arrest. But Police explained what happened. According to their report Tyler incited a large crowd of people composed mainly of fans to push their way into a Thursday unofficial day party. Officers at the scene detailed how things could have gotten ugly as scores of fans burst through a gate in downtown Austin. The Scott In was reportedly already at full capacity. A bartender had to protect a woman from the push of the crowd.

One of the videos from the concert was released by Police and the audio track clearly captured 23-year-old Los Angeles resident rapper yelling towards his fans to push their way inside twice. Back in February members of the Odd Future (Tyler included) were denied a visa when they wanted to travel to as they were cataloged by officials as a potential “public threat”. This decision was took based on past troubles (a reference to an incident from 2011 was made). Christian Clancy, the group’s manager, was the one who jumped in their defense and appealed to the decision, considering it to harsh.


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