Rapper sues Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive for reportedly stealing his music


The referred tracks "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit" and "C-Walk" are indeed part of the game but it still remains to be seen if Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive did in fact not pay the rapper for including the music titles in the game. Additionally Dillinger did not prove publicly that he does in fact own the rights to these songs.

Daz Dillinger explained that he was indeed offered close to $4200 for his songs but he claims that he turned the offer down. Now he feels that he got cheated and that the two companies failed to focus on "respecting an artist's work". He feels so determined that he is set to get a big compensation back. "I can't let them get away with it", Dillinger said.

He asked for a better offer or for the destruction of all unsold Grand Theft Auto V copies. Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar have fourteen days to take action.


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